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Italian Article – February 28, 2001


of the February 28, 2001 article that appeared in “Sette”, a weekly magazine of the “Corriere Della Sera” – an Italian national newspaper. 

While her life seemed to be focused on her musical career the predictions of a shaman came true and Dana Valery discovered her extraordinary talent. Today her celebrity patients from all over the world wait in line to consult her. If you want, you can call her from Italy.

In 1959, at 15 years of age, Dana Valery found herself eye to eye in front of “the Chief”, an African shaman who after having resolved a case of stolen cows thanks to a magical bag of bones and gems told her: “You have the gift and one day you will understand how these things work”. 

In 1990, Dana Valery, born in Milan, Italy and raised in Johannesburg South Africa, is a famous singer with 5 gold records. In 3 months she lost her sister, brother and her unborn child. Within her grief she discovered this power the Chief predicted years before. Two years later in 1992, during the Dana Valery TV Show in Foxwoods, CT, while shaking hands with her audience she feels her back bone tense up, she shivers while thoughts rush through her mind: “ This woman has an ovarian cist”, then another hand, “ this man’s brother is dead”. She immediately sends her manager to seek answers and they all came back true.

Sixteen weeks later Dana decides to leave her career as singer to become a healer. She methodically works around her powers, becomes a Reiki Master and hypnotherapist.

In 1994, with her husband, Peter Catalano (American entrepreneur) at her side, she embarks in her mission: when he asked, “What is your marketing strategy?” Dana replied, “ No business card and an unlisted phone number, fate will let them find me”. Sharon was the first; today there are over 200 clients that by word of mouth have found her, among them actors, aristocrats, chefs and psychiatrists. For her professionalism and ethics, Dana won’t talk about them (she became a Minister of the Universal Life Church to legally protect the privacy of her clients).

The guiding concept behind DVC’s work is energy that operates on 3 levels: physical, emotional, and spiritual. In theory: “ Our natural vibrations are determined at birth, and as our zodiac sign, they influence how we react to the events in our life and how we handle the constant flux of positive or negative energy. I believe that illnesses are a manifestation of negative energy that have piled up for many years and if not challenged, or if ignored, it brings us to a state of comfortable discomfort - a type of negative acceptance to avoid the sufferance of confronting it”, DVC explains. “Ways to expel destructive energy?” “ Cell memory”: “in which during a session the patient writes and repeats out loud, 4 to 5 questions on health, business, pathos.

I place my hands on the patient’s forehead and repeat what’s written and in that time. I read impulses of abstract energy: colors, odors, pictures. Once this is complete, I tell the patient what I experienced. The releases upon releases that I get are amazing.”

Other techniques include Reiki; a hands-on healing method first used by Macao Usui, a Japanese doctor in 1830. DVC works also via telephone, fax or e-mail (in Italian also), believing that when people call her with a crises she can feel the negativity and easily restore it. Thanks to her prophetic, vibrational, and musical intuitions she has developed a mathematical formula to determine ones spirit sign, a type of perverse twin of ones astrological sign. Together with Denise Rich, songwriter for stars such as Aretha Franklin, Mary J. Bilge and Natalie Cole (now part of the much talked about Clinton-Rich pardon), she has composed audiotapes based on one’s musical vibrations reflected by the twelve signs of the zodiac (http://www.zodiacvibrations.com).

Through ones spirit sign (determined by name, date, time and place of birth) DVC is able to calculate a compatibility chart with another person (lover, boss, friend). What is the minimum percentage for ones real soul mate? 80 percent. This is when DVC gives us the inside celebrity scoop “ In April of 2000, I did Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin’s chart. The result was a slim 48%”. The rest is history. Others include Lady Diana and Caroline Bessette- Kennedy, who she met socially and for whom she said, “In both, I saw a black-like vortex, an absence of soul; the soul leaves the body between thirty days and one day before death. They were both destined for what happened and the calendar proved me right”. Death though, does not isolate DVC who carefully considers the afterlife: “I ask the names and dates (birth and death) to find a direct correlation. The more information I have, the more exact is the contact”.

DVC tames transverse energy; she heels chronic migraines, releases curses, balances energies (see soul mate) and opens your sexuality. Strange is also the negativity of places; she has just removed three pieces of furniture in a Wall Street apartment (risk area). Her clients thank her. Another woman in Las Vegas couldn’t sell her golden-like land. Upon DVC’s arrival while touring the grounds she says: “ You spit on it every time you ride through it, right? Respect the earth, give it positive energy, take a rock and bring it home and acknowledge it every morning.” Three days later the land was sold.  

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